Dienstag, 11. Mai 2021

About us

A major case calls for major professional skills. This is why the law firms of Nieding+Barth and MüllerSeidelVos have decided to join forces. The move will ensure that investors who have suffered losses can benefit from the lengthy experience and expertise of the lawyers to whom the case has been entrusted and that their claims can be vigorously asserted by a dynamic taskforce.

Nieding + Barth is one of Germany's leading law firms specialising in investment law. JUVE, a leading legal journal, ranks Nieding + Barth amongst Germany's leading law firms specialising in investment law (JUVE Handbuch 2014/15). The law firm has already successfully obtained more than 50 decisions involving investor protection in the German Federal Court of Justice. The total amount of losses suffered by private and institutional investors represented by Nieding + Barth has now reached EUR 12 billion.

The firm has been acting at both a national and international level on behalf of private and institutional investors since 1987.

Nieding + Barth also advises clients on insurance and industrial law in the fields of mergers and acquisitions, private equity, corporate governance and intellectual property.

The law firm has also represented the German Association for the Protection of Holders of Financial Securities (DSW) since 1994. The practice's lawyers monitor and protect the rights of private and institutional shareholders in up to 150 Annual General Meetings every year. 

In the course of the rapidly expanding market for bonds issued by Germany's Mittelstand (medium-sized companies) and the associated problems, representing the interests of bond-holders and participation certificate (Genussschein) holders in insolvency cases has grown to become a further specialisation for the firm. In recent years Nieding + Barth has represented the interests of bond and participation certificate holders in cases involving an aggregate sum exceeding EUR 500 million. These cases include the insolvencies of Solar Millennium AG, Prokon Regenerative Energien GmbH and WGF Westfälische Grundbesitz und Finanzverwaltung AG.

MÜLLER l SEIDEL l VOS is a law firm which is highly specialised in banking and capital market law. Each of the founding partners is a certified specialist lawyer in banking and capital market law and has lengthy experience and excellent knowledge of this field. Our success is based on these skills.

We exclusively advise and represent bank clients and investors in problems and litigation involving banks, insurance companies, financial service-providers, fund initiators and other bodies and persons responsible for investment products wherever they may be in Germany. This systematic concentration on the interests of investors and clients protects us from conflicts of interest and makes us truly independent.
Our client structure extends from small investors to family offices and on to institutional investors. We also protect the shared interests of large groups of investors in insolvency and restructuring proceedings, for instance as a collective representative or in creditors' committees.

In our consultancy services, which are always focussed on your particular interests, we set high standards for our quality, efficiency and accessibility. Our activities are always aimed at achieving added value for you. Thus, in order to avoid costly court proceedings lasting many years, we seek to achieve constructive and financially sound solutions by out of court settlements. However, if court proceedings should prove unavoidable, we do not hesitate. Well thought-out court strategies, in-depth procedural knowledge and well-reasoned arguments before the court constitute our strength. On the other hand, if we see that your case has little or no likelihood of success or that the assertion of your claims entails excessive risk, we will discuss this openly.

MÜLLER l SEIDEL l VOS is committed to clarity on costs. In the course of the initial consultation, we will explain the fees and costs you can expect and offer you a variety of payment models (as defined by the German Lawyers' Remuneration Act [Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz ]), for example time-based models, fixed fees or contingency fees so that you can form a view whether or not it is worth pursuing your claim. In selected groups of cases we also offer an initial consultation free of charge. In this way you have the greatest possible certainty about the amount and structure of the costs involved – even before you retain us.

MÜLLER l SEIDEL l VOS. Forceful. Professional.


This website is addressed solely to shareholders who desire damages for their losses. This website is not addressed to the owners of Volkswagen vehicles who desire materials defect liability related to the usage of the defeat devices.