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Views - Law Journals

Views from law journals on Nieding + Barth, a law firm trading as a public company (extract):

JUVE Verlag, the renowned publisher of the leading industry publication JUVE Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien [JUVE Manual for Commercial Law Firms], places law firm Nieding + Barth among the market leaders.

Writing about Nieding + Barth, the JUVE Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien 2014/2015 notes:

"There is barely any movement at the top market segment. Nieding + Barth succeeded in gaining ground because they excelled particularly at representing interests involving Mittelstand bonds. [...] Nieding + Barth is a leading law firm in investment law, which has managed to raise the bar in one of today's most vital trends. N+B holds significant market share in the Mittelstand bonds segment. The law firm enjoys an advantage through knowledge gained as its attorneys began to represent such investors early on. [...] Klaus Nieding notably sits in countless committees of creditors, including in major cases like Prokon and Solar Millenium. [...] Recently, the increasing number of revoked loan agreements on grounds of erroneous cancellation clauses has brought new clients. N+B also acts as counsel to institutional investors and wealthy private investors or their family offices.

Trade journal JUVE Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien 2013/2014 says about us:

The law firm, frequently recommended in matters of investment law, once again takes cases that are in the media spotlight, be it S&K or WGF. The partnership possesses a professional market analyses and project management team that allows it (...) to represent a large number of creditors at short notice. The appointment of two of the law firm's attorneys as joint representatives at WGF AG garnered notable attention. (...)"

JUVE Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien 2010/2011 writes:

"Nieding + Barth law firm is a leader in investment law and excels in capital market law. Nieding + Barth represents shareholder interests at numerous general meetings and manages cases in accordance with the Capital Markets Model Case Act (=KapMuG). Attorney Klaus Nieding, as an expert on the German Bundestag's financial committee for reforming investor compensation, among other things, again succeeded in providing focus. The ProtectInvestAlliance (PIA) established with TILP to address collective redress cases (...) has demonstrated its worth..." 

Law firm Nieding + Barth has thus ranked at the top of the JUVE rating for years.

As in previous issues, the latest Nomos handbook "Kanzleien in Deutschland 2013" [Law Firms in Germany in 2013] counts us amoung the top tier law firms in investment law.

In an extract on Nieding + Barth Rechtsanwaltsaktiengesellschaft, it states:

"As a recognised expert in investor protection, Klaus Nieding utilises his close ties to the investor protection associations and long-standing contacts to leading representatives in business, politics and education to benefit the clients he represents. Extensive media coverage of Nieding + Barth on capital market issues, including on public television stations, rounds out the picture. Their undisputed and much appreciated expertise in investment law therefore rightfully places Nieding + Barth at the very forefront of investor protection."

An extract from the previous issue, Nomos handbook "Kanzleien in Deutschland 2012", describes us as follows:

"Fully specialised in investor protection, the law firm (...) successfully strengthens its position as a market leader (...). The law firm is committed to (...) the rights of investors by conducting model cases, collective cases, public relations and involvement in expert panels and investor protection associations.


It is not just media attention that has made Nieding + Barth one of the very best in investor protection - it is equally owed to their expertise in investment law. "Klaus Nieding is in great demand as an expert and maintains close ties to the investor protection associations as well as long-standing contacts to leading representatives in business, politics and education."


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